A Film Noir Actress and Her Villain in The Red Penny Papers

My short story Leigh and William Hush was published in The Red Penny Papers this June. In her latest film, actress Leigh Wilder played justice-driven Judge Tree. Her lover was supposed to be Robert Leir, the city’s white knight. But instead she fell for William Hush, the villain.

I want to give special thanks to KV Taylor, the magazine’s lovely editor, who was awesome in guiding me through a rewrite of this story before accepting it for publication. This was a story I knew needed extra work, but was secretly hoping that I could squeak by. Luckily, KV (very sweetly) called me on it. She pinpointed exactly what the story was missing, what worked/what didn’t, and basically gave the motivational push I needed to sit down and fix it up. And I’m really happy I did. All thanks to KV.