Alice in Twitterlands

Some new Twitter fiction this week, mixing up Alice in five different wonderlands. Her adventures involve the Queen’s tarts, a dropped ball, borrowed shoes, her magic looking glass, and a house with edible eaves.

These stories were published in 7×20, a long-running Twitter fiction and poetry magazine that is currently edited by Julia Patt. They’re looking for 140 character or less submissions (and take reprints), so if you have something, consider submitting!

Glass Slippers and Rubber Boots, 140 and Counting

140 and Counting is available now on Amazon for Kindle.  It’s an anthology of exactly 141 stories and poems compiled from Twitter magazine 7×20.  One of mine (actually, my first ever published Twitter story) is included in the “jurassic sushi,” aka science fiction and fantasy, section.

Editor Joanne Merriam on Twitter fiction:  “it shoehorns a little literature into people’s days, between celebrity updates and friends’ witticisms, creating a small opportunity for reflection that might otherwise have been lost.”  It’s a way to shoehorn a little writing into your life, also, and fun to boot.